Amplify Your Intuition with an Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath

With Rachel Lenny

Experience the powerful healing of an Alchemy Sound Bath with our incredible Yoga Teacher Rachel Lenny from Dublin, Ireland. This session will send you into a deep state of relaxation, connecting you directly to your most powerful wisdom – aka your intuition. You will finish feeling refreshed, energized and clear on where you need to focus your energy next. Rachel’s loving and intentional guidance will inspire you to nurture your inner joy and passion for life!

    Rachel Lenny is the founder of Earth and Purpose Yoga. She is paving the path to wellness and intentional living for women from her homebase in Dublin, Ireland. She teaches Yoga, Meditation and Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath sessions. Rachel is now expanding her teachings online and internationally to guide women to their healthiest and most inspiring lives. She helps you ground your actions and decisions with purpose! Follow Rachel and her inspired lifestyle on Instagram here!

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    Rachel Lenny Yoga

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    Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion. She unlocks flow by helping you break free of those limitations (that don’t truly exist) and releasing you from the idea that something needs to be fixed.

    Michelle Cooper

    CEO , Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Introduction to Intuitive Leadership

    In this course 12 week course, you will learn how to listen to, trust and take action on your intuitive guidance, how to better understand the language of your intuition and define the difference between intuitive driven action and ego driven action.

    You will discover the ideal inner environment that is required to access the powerful wisdom that is living inside of you all the time, trying to guide you forward to what is most aligned for you and what will lead you to the most success and fulfillment.

    You will leave with practical guidance on how to nurture that ideal inner environment and how to take imperfect action on what feels right inside of you and bypass the fear and limited thinking that keeps us stuck in the same ruts for so long.

    There are 5 modules to this course:

    ✨ Course Introduction
    ✨ What is intuition and how does it work
    ✨ How the nervous system and the brain impact intuition
    ✨ How energy impacts intuition
    ✨ Ego VS Intuition: How to get unstuck and access a flow state

    Following the first week of course modules delivered daily to your inbox, you will continue to receive weekly Intuitive Lessons and Guided Meditations for a total of 12 weeks.