Mastering Cash Flow Using Your Unique Money Archetype

With Michelle Cooper

Join our guest expert Michelle Cooper in The School of Intuitive Leadership to learn the fundamentals of Cash Flow & how your unique Money Archetype – which you will discover in this training – can enhance or sabbotage your cash flow and financial future.

    Michelle Cooper is the founder of Alchemy Accounting, a mission-driven accounting and bookkeeping company for rebel warriors seeking financial magic. She is a passionate empire builder helping entrepreneurs create wealth.

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    Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion. She unlocks flow by helping you break free of those limitations (that don’t truly exist) and releasing you from the idea that something needs to be fixed.

    Michelle Cooper

    CEO , Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Introduction to Intuitive Leadership

    In this course, you will learn how to listen to, trust and take action on your intuitive guidance, how to better understand the language of your intuition and define the difference between intuitive driven action and ego driven action.