The ocean has always represented intuition for me. The ocean holds all of life in it, she is wise beyond what we could imagine and teaches us about flow. There is an immediate feeling of connection, peace and ease when we sit by the ocean. It seems like life just makes sense when we are with her. And that is exactly how we feel when we are connected to our intuition.

So back to my question. Would you let your dog drive your car?

Have you ever let your dog tag along for a car ride (when it’s not hot obviously), gone in quickly to the store only to come back out and see your dog sitting in the drivers seat? If you don’t have a dog I’m sure you have often seen one do this!

THAT is exactly what our left brain does, as soon as we are not paying attention. It takes the drivers seat even though it is NOT qualified to drive the car. Would you let your dog drive the car? Probably not (or at least I hope not). You don’t want your left brain to drive either.

​At The School of Intuitive Leadership, we help our members build new habits and skills so that the right brain stays in the drivers seat and the left brain in the passenger seat. What does that even mean?

Well our left brain takes care of logic, analysis, structure, organization. We NEED our beautiful left brain, but we don’t want it leading the way. The left brain makes sure we stay safe, small, comfortable and often makes us believe that those big beautiful leaps we want to take, the exciting thing we want to create or the decision we want to make that feels so damn good in our body, is dangerous! What happens when our left brain takes the drivers seat, is that it stops us from making intuitive decisions that will actually allow us to grow, reach new levels of success, create bigger impact and experience the expansion and transformation we have been yearning for.

So the formula is simple. Let your intuition and creativity, which live in the right brain, move you forward and lead the way AND use your beautiful left brain to help you figure out HOW to make things happen in a way that is not reckless. When we do this we experience flow. Although the formula is simple, actually doing it is hard, because it requires us to reprogram our nervous system, think and be in brand new way, hence changing some deep rooted habits that we have been functioning with for most of our lives. We have unfortunately been taught to lead with our left brain so we all need to untangle this habit in some way.

When you are feeling like your life is too small, or you keep getting stuck, you are not broken, you’re just human. Your formula for making things happen is just backwards causing things to be so much harder than they actually need to be.

Come join us and other entrepreneurs in leading intuitively so that we can experience the incredible life and the expansive success we are yearning for!

Ps – Each month, members of The School receive content, lessons & trainings from me and my guest experts. Download one of my latest Intuitive Lessons here for free to get a feel for the growth we invite you to step into when you become a member. ENJOY and may it inspire you to say YES to your intuition!

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Meet Your Mentor

Jennifer Jane Young is an Intuitive Business & Leadership Advisor, Founder of The School of Intuitive Leadership and former United Nations Consultant. She helps entrepreneurs & leaders find the path of least resistance, make the biggest impact and create sustainable, aligned success through right brain/intuitive leadership.

She brings together the last 13 years of her experience, coaching, advising and managing start ups to multi-6 and 7-figure businesses, her background in Yogatherapy and experience leading a community of entrepreneurs for the United Nations of 5000+ members, in partnership with the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Jennifer facilitates growth, flow, and transformation for heart-centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs and businesses. She helps her clients translate their visions & intuitive guidance into practical actions and helps them find the most intuitive and aligned solutions and path forward to success.

Jennifer is the author of "Say YES to your YES: How to trust your gut and take the leap" and the host of her podcast "Finding Your Flow".

She is currently living in between Canada and Mexico with her two rescue dogs.